Why Writing Matters


My name is Amy Henson, and welcome to my electronic writing portfolio. As a liberal arts senior at the University of Michigan, I have done a lot of writing. The process can be dread-inducing, time-consuming, liberating and incredibly rewarding, but no matter what, because of writing I have learned to take risks and evaluate diverse issues; to take bold stances and support them with clear evidence; to appreciate clarity, intrigue, and creativity; to understand the role of an audience; and to develop new ideas and communicate them persuasively and effectively.

In our digital world, learning to write across various media formats has been an essential part of my education. Long and short form writing has leapt from the printed page and into our phones and computer screens, onto Twitter and Facebook and Pintrest, into mobile ads and tablet banners. Everywhere we go, writing follows. In learning to expand my concept of “writing” to beyond the printed page, I have taken on new media platforms and can use everything from hyperlinks to images, from videos to audio clips to enhance my written argument.

By writing about many different topics in many different ways for many different audiences, I have become a more well-rounded thinker. Today, I am confident in my ability to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas in various settings, academic or creative. Through this website, I will showcase writing samples that highlight how writing has helped develop my creativitycritical thinking, and analytical skills.

So now, I invite you to click through my college years as I demonstrate why writing really does matter.

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